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We agree that content needs to be precise. Our expertise helps turn highly technical and accurate information into engaging content that everyone understands with little effort. You can think of us as content marketing engineers; our work is very process oriented and technical too – we like to think it’s a Science.


  • Brand awareness
  • Align communication and marketing with your business goals
  • Build credibility targeted to specific personas
  • Attract qualified leads

EOR Alliance and IFP Canada – Content Marketing

How to communicate the EOR Alliance—IFP Energies with local companies, while developing other marketing assets needed to finalize local sales?

Aligned general messaging.

Created a new website focused on solving the customer’s problems and guiding them to their local representative.

Linked the IFP Canada site to the EOR Alliance site so that the prospect can access the content without duplicating it each local site.

Aligned the messaging and design through the print and promotional assets.

The website which integrates social media, best practices for web design, mobile compatibility and effective calls to action has helped the Business Development team schedule 85% more client meetings in US, Canada and Latin America in 2014.

Since the website was launched there have been over one thousand downloads of an industry paper from the IFP Canada website, which was previously not downloaded at all. More peers are accessing the IFP Canada, presenting IFP Canada as an industry leader.

IFP Canada increased its sales by 10 folds from 2013 to 2014.

IFP Canada and the EOR Alliance received 40% more attendance from targeted leads at tradeshows and 60% more interest at conferences attended.

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