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We are familiar with the regulatory nuances in the legal industry.  When it comes to brand and service promotion, we understand the importance of growing your network, attracting referrals and developing positive relationships with others in your industry to grow your client base. We have worked with many law firms and have delivered excellent results.


  • Brand awareness
  • Getting referrals from other firms
  • Attract qualified¬†leads
  • Practice leaders

DBH Law – Branding Strategy

How could DBH capitalize on marketing to not only maintain market share, but grow as well?

Brand refresh: logo update, strategy refinement.

New website with a blog that all the lawyers would contribute to, optimized for search.

Social media channels and strategy to capitalize off gaining new awareness and maintaining relationships with existing clients.

Promotional tactics such as online paid advertising, seminars and sponsorship, networking and client entertainment.

There was an increase in organic website traffic and a general growth in engagement and lead generation.

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