Infographics have been around for a while now, and while there are a lot of beautifully designed ones out there, there are an equal amount of cluttered and confusing infographics floating around on the web. Why is this? Crafting an infographic is a delicate process that many don’t want to take the time to learn. Over the years, the Pace Creative team have designed complex infographics for a multitude of different industries, so we decided to share our process, and outline how to create an incredible infographic of your own.

Wait, what is an infographic? For anyone who might not know what we’re talking about, infographics are illustrated charts, that guide the viewer through a collection of data related to a specific topic. Sound cool? Continue reading to learn how to make your own!


If infographics are so difficult to make, why bother?

The fact of the matter is, humans are visual creatures, so we can’t help but be drawn towards beautiful material. Infographics succeed in having the potential to be engaging to the eye, but also are able to simplify complex information into an easily understandable format. This is great for a number of reasons:

  • Informs your audience of a complex topic in a straightforward way.
  • Easy to share through social channels.
  • They look great!


Start with the content!

When starting your infographic, it’s important to consider first what it is you want to focus on.

  • Keep the scope of your infographic small, and to spotlight a particular topic or issue.
  • Ensure the infographic stays brief in length and is easy to understand.
  • Showcase the most relevant content to your readers in order to keep them engaged, entertained, and not sold to.
  • Catch your reader’s attention with an exciting headline, and organize your content in a way that tells a cohesive and captivating story.
  • Finally, make sure each point flows from one to another! This can help when building up to a larger point and can aid in making an impact on the reader


It’s time to design!

Now that you’ve laid the framework for your infographic with your content, it’s now time to get designing! Before you charge ahead and toss all that content into your infographic, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Readability is key for an infographic, so make sure you are using a good sized and easily readable font.
  • Be careful with your choice of colour. Bright and flashy tones aren’t automatically eye-catching and can be garish when used incorrectly. Instead of hooking people right away, you could be turning them off completely.
  • Make sure you ensure there is a healthy and consistent amount of whitespace throughout the infographic; this helps to reduce visual clutter and improves readability.
  • Finally, consider creative ways to display your statistics. There are a lot of options when it comes to visualizing your data, so feel free to do some research to decide which will be best for you!

Get it out there!

With your infographic completed, it’s time to share it with your audience. As we mentioned previously, one of the beautiful aspects of an infographic is how easy it is to distribute it, both online and off.

  • Why not consider clipping a few interesting stats or visuals from your infographic to share through your Twitter or LinkedIn account?
  • Due to their highly embeddable nature, your infographic can also make an appearance in a monthly online newsletter or shared directly on your blog.
  • For the next trade-show you attend, why not print out your infographic on a poster or a pamphlet to distribute. The possibilities are endless!


Creating an infographic is one of the best ways to effectively communicate complex information, packed full of data, to your audience, and can be the next big step in your content marketing strategy. The unfortunate reality, however, is that few people have the time to successfully run a business, and devote time to create a beautiful infographic. At Pace Creative, creating beautiful infographics is our business, so if you’re interested, feel free to contact us! We’d love to chat.


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